Story Title: Pune's Leading Jewelers

By Prajakta Joshi
Word Count: 458

Pune is a city that is proud to be able to provide almost everything to its residents. This is well-expressed in a Marathi saying, “Pune tithe kay une”. And Maharashtrians love their jewelry. This is why some of the oldest traders in the city are jewelers.

P. N. Gadgil

Usually, the first jeweler's name that comes to mind is P.N. Gadgil jewelers. The group gets its name from late Purushottam Narayan Gadgil, who was the pioneer of the jewelry business in Pune. Since their establishment in the 19th century, PNG have been jewelers to kings, filmstars, and businessmen as well as to the common man. Starting out with a single store in a small town, to a chain of stores in the city, PNG have now opened a store in California, giving a global touch to their tradition. The store has been run for last 175 years by six generations of the Gadgil family.

The iconic member of the family who made a lot of difference to the business was Anant Ganesh Gadgil, fondly referred to as Dajikaka. Unfortunately, Dajikaka recently passed away.

Another group of jewelers in the city is Marathe Jewelers. They are famous especially for their diamond and precious stones. The first store was started by Milind Marathe. Marathe is a leading diamond expert in India with formal education in Gemology, (the study of gemstones). He has been in the diamond trade for about twenty years and has now opened his second store, to meet the growing demand for diamonds.

Ranka Jewellers

Ranka Jewelers, a business started by Gulabchand Ranka has been running successfully in the city for the last 131 years. The name Ranka jewelers was first used by Nagraji Ranka, who established a showroom in Raviwar Peth. The actress Vidya Balan promotes Ranka Jewelers through advertisements. Ranka Jewelers were the first to bring KDM jewelry to India. They are also the first jewelers in Maharashtra to be awarded an ISO certification. (ISO certification is given to an organization meets high levels of quality)

Both P.N.G. and Ranka have a number of branches across the city of Pune.

Apart from these, there are many other jewelers in the city. Some of the more notable ones are Lagu Bandhu, Waman Hari Pethe, Ashtekar and Rajmal Lakhichand, who have a long tradition behind them as they are family run businesses. Other brands like Tanishq & Gitanjali, which are a part of large business houses (Tanishq is a part of the Tata Group) are making their mark in the market.

At the same time, famous jewelers from other parts of the country and abroad like Kalyan Jewelers and Joyalukkas have recently opened stores in Pune. Perhaps therefore we can say that there is a golden future for the jewelry market in Pune.


Story Title: Malls in Pune

By Akshay Sharma
Word Count:

Pune is a growing city with a lot of consumers. Therefore it stands to reason that the city will have a large number of Malls. These Malls are not just places where people go to buy stuff but also attractions for visitors. Since malls require a lot of space for shops as well as parking, most of the malls are located in the newer parts of the city. Ahmednagar Road has a number of malls and so has the Magarpatta area. The bigger malls in Pune are -:

Amanora Town Center

Phoenix Market City: is one of Pune's biggest and most popular malls. It is located in Viman Nagar. This mall has a large courtyard (a big open area) that is not something you will find in most malls these days. The mall has lots of clothes stores as well as a movie hall complex, coffee shops, restaurants and gaming zones and is well known for its famous clothing brands. The Inorbit Mall is also located on the Ahmednagar Road, close to Phoenix Market City. This mall is owned by the K. Raheja Group. The Essel group opened its first EsselWorld Freeze outlet in this Mall. Inorbit was shut down for some time because a part of the mall caught fire.

SGS Mall: This mall has the distinction of being one of the first malls built in the city. This mall is located in the camp area of Pune, on Moledina Road. While it is not very large, it is conveniently located.

Amanora Town Centre: is a huge mall located near the Hadapsar-Kharadi bypass. It is spread across an area of 1.2 million sq ft. The mall is divided into the East block and the West block. Between the two blocks is an open space called the Oasis that provides great entertainment to visitors and boasts of the tallest musical fountain in Pune. There are also several open air restaurants as well as arrangements for holding cultural and entertainment events. There is also an 8-screen Inox multiplex within the mall.

Seasons Mall: is another large mall located just opposite the Amanora Town Centre. The mall is quite new and is therefore less crowded than Amanora. With a go-kart racing track on the roof and other entertainment, the mall is quite child-friendly. Koregaon Park Plaza is a mall in the Koregaon Park area. While it is not as large as some of the other malls, it also has a movie complex and other entertainment outlets. The Koregaon Park plaza was also shut down for some time due to a fire. Kumar Pacific mall is located on Shankarsheth Road, right next to the flyover. It is relatively small.

Pune Central has two mall-type outlets, one on Bund Garden Road and the other on the University road. Part of the Future group, Pune central also has outlets in other malls. Pune also plays host to a number of smaller malls.

When the malls first started appearing, some people wondered whether they would be successful. Now we wonder, what would we do without them? Yet, we must think about why the city needs so many malls. Are there one too many?