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One of the salient and unique features of I Love Pune is the very large amount of prizes that are available to be won.

At last count, Rs. 18,00,000/= (Rs. Eighteen Lacs) worth of prizes were up for grabs across the competition. And more prizes are still coming in! The prizes include:toys, bicycles, gaming, cakes & pastries, t-shirts, dance & drama & karate classes, tennis & chess & cricket coaching classes, Abacus & taekwondo classes, hotel & resort stays and much more. There are prizes for Mums and Dads as well.

Prizes also include trophies for the schools and individual certificates for all participants who score more than 20% on the test!
Prizes are also to be won for the side act(s), like the slogan contest, I Love Pune because...

Winners shall be class-wise, across all participating schools. The topper of each class (level) in every school shall also win a prize.

Children shall win prizes for themselves as well as their parents, their families, and also their school.

Disclaimer: All prizes are being contributed by our sponsors. It is important to note that all prizes are collected and distributed in good faith; but I Love Pune, COEM, Pune and other sponsors/ organisers shall not be liable in any way for the quality and/or delivery of the offering. All warranties, redemption & deliveries are as offered by the respective sponsor.

If you have a child-centric product or service and wish to contribute prizes for I Love Pune (in kind) and become a sponsor, please call 9890011188 and we'll give you amazing benefits!