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What is I Love Pune?

I Love Pune is a fun-based competition to be held at a school level during November & December, 2014
The competition strives to generate interest as well as a sense of pride among the children of Pune about their own city.
The event is a first of a kind, that Pune has never seen before.
The event also seeks to generate funds through a special CSR + Charity program for the needy schools of the city.
I Love Pune shall be an annual event that will evolve to be one of the biggest events that the city has ever seen.

Why I Love Pune?

  • Our children study all kinds of subjects from science to geography to languages.
  • They take part in sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • Now, it's time for them to take a healthy interest in their own city to enhance their knowledge of the city and thus enhancing pride about the city.
  • Through the spirit of competition

Generating CSR & Charity

  • The event seeks not only to promote Pune, through a CSR approach; but also to generate funds for needy school-children.
  • Thus participants are not just doing CSR, but also doing direct charity.
  • This is because the funds raised will be donated to needy schools by a panel set up for this purpose
  • This panel shall be drawn from among the school principals
  • Each child who participates in the contest will be asked to pay Rs 10/- (Rupees ten only) as entry fee.
  • For every entry thus received, Puma Patrol shall contribute five times this amount, viz. Rs. 50/-, to a maximum of Rs. 300,000/-
  • Thus Rs. 60/- shall be received per entry
  • This amount shall be distributed to needy school(s) as per the plan of the panel of principals

Generating CSR & Charity

  • The event shall commence from Children's Day or thereabouts, say 17 November, 2014
  • Distribution of registration forms shall commence prior to that date
  • The event will run for about 40 days.
  • Schools may take part right through to the end of December, 2014; based on their individual calendars
  • The results will be announced on 26th January, 2015
  • The competition shall be conducted in an inter-school format
  • School children shall compete against other children at the same class level
  • A single school or multiple schools can participate at the same time
  • Each school may fix its own date for conducting the competition
  • Because multiple test papers are available at every level

I Love Pune: The Test

  • We have put together 100 stories about the city of Pune
  • All these stories shall be available on this website:
  • The children only have to read these stories
  • All questions in the competition shall be based on these stories
  • We have compiled a database of 1,500 questions about Pune
  • The test shall last for half an hour
  • Tests get tougher with each level (class) up
  • All questions shall be objective style
  • The test can be conducted both at the classroom level or auditorium level
  • A team of 100 event management students is standing by to execute the event

Involving the Family

  • In order to involve the family, we have side acts to the event as well
  • For example, the registration form carries a slogan contest - I Love Pune because...
  • Similarly, we encourage the parents to help the younger children access the stories
  • This ensures more participation
  • And involves the family as a whole
  • 50% of the prizes are targeted to the children and 50% to the family unit, like luxury hotel stays etc.

Why Participate

  • Our children need to know more about our city & develop more pride in the city
  • There are very attractive prizes up for grabs
  • For children, parents & the school
  • A sizeable amount of charity can be generated
  • There is a special prize for the school with the highest overall score
  • I Love Pune is a one of a kind event with learning, competition and emotion - all wrapped into one event