Story Title: Business Leaders

By Adila Shams
Word Count: 479

Anu Aga

Pune has some great business leaders. There are three major sectors (areas) of business that do very well in Pune, and the most famous leaders generally come from these sectors: Engineering, Information Technology (software) and Real Estate (builders)

Anu Aga An Indian businesswoman and a social worker, Anu Aga was the chairperson of Thermax Ltd, before she handed over the reins to her daughter. She is passionate about her charities and was awarded with the Mumbai Women of the Decade Achievers Award. She is currently the chairperson of Teach for India, and is a member of the Rajya Sabha in Delhi.

Baba Kalyani Babasaheb Neelkanth Kalyani, who has worked as the chairman and managing director of Bharat Forge. Born in 1949, he is also the Founder Chairman of Pratham Pune Education Foundation, an NGO. He had received the Padma Bhushan award for his work in Trade and Industry.

S. L. Kirloskar Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar was one of three brothers. He brought the Kirloskar Group to Pune, when he came here to manufacture diesel engines. He was a recipient of the Padma Bhushan award.

Rahul Bajaj He is the chairman and managing director of the Bajaj Group, which sells India's most famous scooters. He is one of India's best known industrialists. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan. He also happens to be a member of the Parliament.

Avinash Bhosale Bhosale is a businessman involved in real estate. He is a builder and hotelier. He is a business man who has climbed up the ladder. At the age of 17, he used to rent out an autorickshaw and today, he owns the building of the Westin hotel and much more!

Cyrus S. Poonawalla He is the founder of the Serum Institute of India, which makes medical products. He has been awarded the Padma Shri for his work in the field of medicine. He is the chairman of the Poonawalla Group and is fond of cars and horse racing.

Lalit Kumar Jain He is the head of Kumar Builders, a real estate development and construction company (residential and commercial). He has made a 50 year vision plan for Pune to make it a better place to live in.

Kumar Gera Head of the Gera Group of companies, Mr. Gera's companies specialize in homes with a difference. The companies Gera Child Centric Homes offers homes that focus on the needs of children.

Anuradha Desai She is the chairperson the V H Group, a company with breeds chickens, as well as offers fast food at some outlets, under the Venkys name. She is the first woman to be elected as President of World Poultry Science Association.

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan He is the vice chairman and CEO of Zensar Technologies, a leading software services provider from India. He has been one of the most successful professionals in the Information Technology (software) Industry. He has received awards such as the Asia HRD Congress Award.

There are many more business leaders who have made their mark in Pune, who we can't cover here. Some, like Narayan Murthy (the founder of Infosys) started out in Pune but then moved to other cities. It is because of the contributions made by these business leaders and tycoons that Pune has developed into the city we are residing in today.


Story Title: Real Estate

By Adila Shams
Word Count: 523

The Pune Skyline

Real estate means land, buildings, flats, shops etc. Pune's real estate market has been steadily growing over the last twenty years. So much so that it is hard to picture any part of Pune where there is any space left to build any more!

And yet the builders build on. Thus our city is constantly expanding with newer varieties of houses, malls and offices. Let us look at some of the companies that make this happen.

Gera Developments: The Gera group entered into the field of real estate in 1970 and have delivered over 50 projects to date. They are creators of premium residential and commercial projects. They are builders of leading real estate projects in Pune. Kumar Gera is the founder of Gera. Gera's Child Centric Homes is a project that might interest you.

Kolte Patil: is another of the top real estate developers in Pune. Till date they have built projects in multiple segments such as residential, retail, IT parks. Kumar Builders: now known as KUL, the company is a real estate development and construction company focusing on residential and commercial development projects in Pune. Mr. Lalitkumar Jain is the Chairman and Managing Director of Kumar Urban Development Limited.

DSK Real Estate Developers: Mr. D. S. Kulkarni is the founder, chairman and managing director of DSK Group. They have diversified (branched out) into diverse industries such as animation education and car dealerships. Naiknavare Developers: was founded in the year 1986. Mr. D.P. Naiknavare is the chairman of the company. Apart from real estate development sector, the group has branched out into hotels, manufacturing chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Marvel Realtors Group: was founded in the year 1999. It is led by two visionary directors - Kira Hari Bagad and Ravindra Shaligram Raut. The company is widely known for their exclusive and up-market projects in the city. It has made a major contribution in the development of luxury, automated residential and commercial plots in the city and has been rewarded with the National Award for Construction Excellence. Brahma is one of the leading business groups headquartered in Pune. They deal in real estate development, hospitality, and leisure. In 1998, they brought the five star hotel: Le Meridien, to Pune. The Residency Club near Pune Camp is also a part of the Brahma Group.

Nyati Group: is a leading developer among Pune's property builders. It offers a wide range of flats in residential sector. Nitin Nyati is the chairman managing director of the company which was established in the year 1997. The group also owns the Corinthians Club as well as the Corinthians Hotel in the Undri area. Panchshil Developers is another player in the exclusive homes market. They have recently launched the Trump Towers in Kalyani Nagar in collaboration with Donald Trump, a famous builder from the USA. Oxford Properties owns the O Hotel in Koregaon Park as well as a golf and country club near the Bengaluru highway.

As the city gets more crowded, the cost of buying a home keeps going up. Today, home buyers have a wide choice to choose from. This is because our builders keep building..., up and up!


Story Title: Public Service Establishments

By Akshay Sharma
Word Count: 607

Pune has emerged as one of India's fastest growing cities and therefore it is necessary that the service sector grows fast, too. So, what are these services? Well, Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Banks, Courier services, Security Services, Beauty Parlors, Hotels & restaurants, Electricity services, Water services, Police Services and many others. Here are some of the public service providers in Pune:


Electricity used to be supplied by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, which looked after generation, transmission & distribution of Electricity in the State of Maharashtra (except Mumbai)

But from 2003 onwards, MSEB was unbundled (broken up) into four Companies, out of which Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (MSEDCL) delivers electricity into our homes in Pune.

MSEDCL supplies electricity to our homes. Their earnings are more than 34,000 crore rupees. They get electricity from coal, hydro (flowing water), gas and non conventional sources like solar (the sun), wind etc. MSEDCL has about 77,000 employees (workers).

Water Supply:
The forests in the Sahyadris help to trap rainwater during the monsoon. The city of Pune depends on the mountain range for its water. We use the waters of the River Mutha from the Khadakwasla lake reservoir. (A reservoir is a lake that stores water for future use) Dams at Panshet, Warasgaon and Temghar also contribute to our water needs.

The Katraj and Pashan dams are not directly used for water supply, but indirectly contribute through the recharge of ground water. All these dams are managed by the Irrigation Department. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) buys water from the Irrigation Department, and supplies it to us, after treating (purifying) the water.

Water treatment plants have been built by PMC. Water is supplied to different parts of the city through a network of pumping stations and pipelines. Since these water pumps run on electricity, the electricity bill is a large part of the cost of distributing water.

Pune Police
Pune City Police consists of thirty three police stations, which are divided into two regions, i.e South Region & North Region .There are four zones, Zone I & II in South Region and Zone III & IV in North Region. There are nine divisions The Pune Police covers 790 sq.kms. There are three major branches in the Pune Police – the Crime branch which looks into all the crimes committed, the Traffic branch which regulates traffic, the special branch which takes care of special issues like VIP security etc., the FRRO (Foreigners Registration Office) which keeps a watch on foreigners in the city.
The Pune Police is headed by the Commissioner of Police.

Pune's Bus Services
Pune's Bus services are run by the PMPML - the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited. The company runs a fleet of 1,000 buses, transporting over 8 lakh passengers every day along 282 bus routes.

The company was formed in 2007. Before that day the bus service were run by PMT (Pune Municipal Transport). One of the recent endeavors of the company is the implementation of the BRTS - Bus Rapid Transportation Service. This service creates a special lane on the road which is meant only for buses. It is designed to speed up movement, but has resulted in the opposite - total confusion on the roads, because it is not properly implemented. Both PMPML and the citizens of Pune must take the blame.

The city's amenities (services like above) are in quite a mess. Can they improve? Can we have electricity that never goes off, water supply that is continuous and clean, buses that run on time and police that prevent crime? Yes, it's possible, and for that each one of us must be hard working and disciplined.