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About Us: The I Love Pune Team

COEM was founded in 2004. Our mission is to set standards in the field of events & media training. COEM now offers comprehensive training courses in events, advertising & media, sports management, wedding planning and public relations.
COEM is affiliated to two UGC recognized universities, "through the Dean."
COEM trainees enjoy the benefit of the close association tie-ups with the following brands:

  • Event Poona
  • Puma Patrol
  • Firefly Networks
  • CPEP

COEM's achievements over the last 10 years reflect the standards that COEM constantly strives to set:

  • The first college in India to create a full time training program in event management.
  • The first to launch short term programs in the field.
  • The first to launch the COEMBA; a revolutionary master level program in events & media.
  • The most comprehensive study tour and practicum program in the country.
  • COEMBA alumni now work with some of the largest corporate houses in the country. We have the best placement program in the industry.

COEM also offers the trainees integral facilities on campus such as:
COEM has two strategically located campuses in the best localities of Pune - one in Deccan Gymkhana; and one in Koregaon Park.

We continue to innovate. We are the first college in India to introduce the unique teaching tool THOW: The Hands-On Way, which uses a combination of classroom, case studies, real life simulation and live management scenarios to get the message across.

At COEM, we make stars shine!

I Love Pune is an intellectual property that is the brainchild of Bruce MacFarland, the Dean of COEM, with contributions from the trainees
of COEM.